Brown Trout Fishing Just Outside Reykjavík

Geldingatjörn is a unique trout fishing lake only 25 minutes driving distance from Reykjavik city center. The lake is privately owned and fishing permits have not been obtainable on the open market until now. The lake is set in a secluded heath 220m above sea level. From there, one can see the beautiful Mosfellsdalur Valley below and nearby Mt. Esja. The lake is 0.6 square kilometers (0.25 square feet) and its average depth is three meters (10 feet).

Originally no fish habited Geldingartjörn because the lake would freeze to the bottom during hard winters. However, in 1950 the landowners built a dam resulting in excellent living and growing habitat for trout. The fish was harvested in nets until 1995 when the dam broke and most of the fish died. In 2000, the farmer at Seljabrekka-farm rebuilt the dam and restocked the lake with trout, but this time with the world-renowned giant brown trout from lake Thingvallavatn. This stock, which originates from the last ice age, is incredibly strong and is now self-sustainable in Geldingartjörn.

For the last decade fishing in Geldingartjörn has been restricted to a few friends of the landowners resulting in trout up to 16 pounds in weight being caught. The lake is brimming with trout weighing 2-3 pounds on average. The exclusive group of fishermen who have had the privilege of fishing Geldingartjörn agree on the experience that the trout there is truly a tough opponent and a pure joy to play with.

Distance from Reykjavík: 20 km
Fishing season: 1 April - 30 September
Average size: 2 pounds
Number of rods: 6
Tackle: #6-8 fly rod / Spinning rod
Best flies: Streamers and nymphs
Access: 4x4
Accommodation: Several options



Photos from Geldingatjörn