Grenlækur beat 4

River Grenlækur is a fertile spring fed stream, rich in fresh water life. There we find one of Iceland's greatest sea trout (Salmo trutta) population. The river is fed by springs originating from the glacial river Skaftá which flows onto and through the Eldhraun lavafield that filters the glacial water before it emerges in Grenlæk.

Like many other rivers on the south coast of Iceland the main fishing here is for Sea-Run Brown trout, although resident browns, arctic char and Atlantic Salmon can also be found lurking the clear waters of Grenlækur.


Beat 4 - Flóðið


Distance from Reykjavík: 285 km(155 miles)
Fishing season: 7. may - 20. October
Average size: 5-10 pounds
Number of rods: 4
Tackle: #6-8
Best flies: Streamers and nymphs

Photos from Grenlækur beat 4