Norðlingafljót is a large river that runs from just north of Langjökull glacier west for 70km where it merges with the Hvítá Glacier river. The river is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Iceland. Running through a lush heath and volcanic landscapes with towering glaciers and mountains in the distance. It runs in large parts through the Arnarvatnsheiði("Eagle Lake Heath", a large fishing area consisting of countless mountain lakes and streams).

The river holds a healthy stock of wild and native Brown Trout and Arctic Char. With common sizes of browns being in the 2-6 pound range and Chars between 2-4 pounds. The largest fish caught was a 13-pound brown trout. Parts of the river are easily accessible by 4x4 but some sections require extensive hiking to fish and the more anglers are willing to hike the more likely they are to be successful by reaching areas of the river that rarely get fished.

The only accommodations options near the river are sleeping bag accommodations at mountain huts like Álftakrók cabin which has running water and bathroom facilities. The other option would be camping along the river.


How to get there

Distance from Reykjavík: 150 km
Fishing season: 15 June- 31 August
Average size: 3 pounds
Number of rods: 4
Tackle: #4-6
Best flies: Streamers, nymphs and dry-flies
Access: 4x4

Photos from Norðlingafljót

Photos from Álftakrókur cabin