The Northern Highlands - Upper Blanda area

For the first time in decades the area above Blöndulón reservoir, in the Northern Highlands, is available on the market and now exclusively to Fish Partner´s customers.

We are excited to introduce this newest fishery which is south of Blöndulón reservoir and consists of all the rivers flowing into the upper Blanda river and the reservoir. There are six main rivers in the area and several smaller creeks. Access to the rivers is limited and fishermen must hike along the rivers while fishing. Nature is untouched and wild and in the Northern Highlands, you can truly experience exclusivity and the feeling of being alone in the world.

The rivers hold brown trout and Arctic char and are ideal for nymphing, dry-fly and streamer fishing. Since this is an unexplored territory the licenses will be very affordable and the number of rods will be limited. It is fly fishing only, catch and release.

There simple accommodation available at Hveravellir hotel, as well as the option of camping.

Distance from Reykjavík: 230 km
Fishing season: 20 June - 30 September
Average size: 2.5 pounds
Number of rods: 10
Tackle: #4-6
Best flies: Streamers, nymphs and dry-flies
Access: 4x4 and hiking
Accommodation: Several options

Photos from the Northern Highlands