Ófærur North and South

The Ófærur, North, and South are two rivers located in the south-central highlands of Iceland. Combined the two rivers run roughly 50km through black sand deserts, lava fields, and lush highland oases as well as the famed Eldjá, one of Iceland most noted natural monuments. The Eldgjá is the largest volcanic canyon in the world, approx. 40 km long, 270 m deep, and 600 m wide at its greatest extend and was responsible for the largest flood basalt in historic time in 939.

The river holds a healthy stock of wild and native Brown Trout and Arctic Char. With Arctic Char being much more common. Parts of the river are easily accessible by 4x4 but some sections require extensive hiking to fish and the more anglers are willing to hike the more likely they are to be successful by reaching areas of the river that rarely get fished.

Access to the rivers has never been available to the general public until the 2021 season when Fish Partner clients have exclusive access.


Distance from Reykjavík: 170 km
Fishing season: 15 June- 31 August
Average size: 3 pounds
Number of rods: 6
Tackle: #4-6
Best flies: Streamers, nymphs and dry-flies
Access: 4x4

Photos from Norðlingafljót