Atlantic Salmon and Arctic Char Fishing in a Stunning Environment

Sunnudalsá salmon river and Hofsá (Arctic char beat) gives you the opportunity to experience both Atlantic salmon and Arctic char fishing in the beautiful and remote Vopnafjörður in north-east Iceland. The Sunnudalsá river runs in Sunnudalur valley close to the town of Vopnafjörður. Sunnudalsá is a tributary to the famous Hofsá salmon river and meets Hofsá just below beat 7, the lowest salmon beat of the Hofsá.

For the 2018 season, the Sunnudalsá salmon river will be fished with two rods combined with one rod on the upper part of the Arctic char beat on the Hofsá river. All three rods are sold together as one package. Fishermen will enjoy the full luxury of the Sunnudalur lodge with either full service or self-catering options.

The river opens mid-July and is fished until mid-September. 10 years average for Sunnudalsá is 85 salmon per season. However, in recent years the river has been lightly fished and some years have yielded over 150 salmon.

Distance from Reykjavík: 600 km
Fishing season: 15 July - 15 September
Average size: 8 pounds
Number of rods: 3
Tackle: #6-8
Best flies: Streamers, hitch and salmon tubes
Access: 4x4
Accommodation: Sunnudalur fishing lodge

Photos from Sunnudalsá and Hofsá