Dry-Fly Paradise

The Syðra-Fjall beat in the Big Laxa (Laxá in Aðaldal) river offers a unique opportunity to fish for brown trout and Atlantic salmon. The beat is 1.5 km (1 mile) long and includes the mouth of Eyvindarlækur river. The famous salmon beat Nes is adjacent to Syðra-Fjall. As part of the river is shallow, dry fly fishing can be excellent. When the weather is good and the hatch is on, one can have great luck fishing dry’s. The beat has two small islands, which can be very effective places to fish. There is good salmon fishing between the islands and at the mouth of Eyvindarlækur. The trout can also get as big as they are in the lower Big Laxa river: 2-3 lbs fish are very common and 4-6 lbs fish are not uncommon. Dry fly fishing and upstream nymphing are the most effective methods of fishing, but streamers and wet flies can also be effective.


Big Laxa

Laxá in Aðaldalur, or Big Laxa, is a world-class brown trout and salmon stream for fly fishermen only. It is often said to be the best brown trout river in Europe. The river is located in Aðaldalur in northern Iceland, 480 km (300 miles) from the capital, Reykjavik. Big Laxa is a very fertile river that is home to a huge stock of brown trout that average of 3-4 lbs. However, 6-8 lbs specimens are not uncommon, and even bigger trout are caught every season, the biggest browns weighing in at 10-13 lbs. This river is ideal for dry fly fishing, but upstream fishing with strike indicators and nymphs can also be effective.


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Distance from Reykjavík: 460 km
Fishing season: 10 June - 10 September
Average size: Trout 4 pounds, Salmon 10 pounds
Number of rods: 2
Tackle: #4-8
Best flies: Streamers, nymphs and dry-flies
Access: 4x4
Accommodation: Several options



Photos from Syðra-Fjall