One of the best Sea Run Brown Trout rivers in Iceland

Tungufljót river in Skaftafell is one of the best known Sea trout rivers in Iceland and is most famous for the high average weight of fish caught, every year multiple Sea-Run Brown trout in the 20lbs range are caught with the average weight of the fish being between 5-10 pounds. Pound for pound sea-run browns are one of the hardest fighting fish in the world. The fish stock in the river is all-natural and native to Iceland.

Located in a beautiful area surrounded by glaciers and volcanoes and situated close to some of the most spectacular natural sites in all of Iceland like Skaftafell national park, Europes largest glacier Vatnajökull and countless more.

Primetime for the Sea-Run Brown Trout is in April and May when they are making there way down river towards the ocean for feeding, and then again Mid August-October when they run upriver from the ocean in preparation for the fall spawning season.

Typical tackle is single-handed rods in the #6-8 range and sinking lines and sink tip can be very useful, smaller double-handed or switch rods can also be used. Most fish are caught on traditional Sea-Run Brown Trout streamers like Black Ghost, Nobblers, Dýrbítur, etc. Nymphs can also be effective in certain situations. Double handed/Spey rods can also be used.


In addition to the sea-run brown trout, the river is also inhabited by Atlantic Salmon, Arctic Char, and resident Brown Trout that provide fantastic fishing opportunities all season long.







Distance from Reykjavík: 232 km(144 miles)
Fishing season: 1 April - 20 October
Average size: 5-10 pounds
Number of rods: 4
Tackle: #6-8, sinking line or sink tips
Best flies: Streamers
Access: 4x4
Accommodation: Self catering cabins by the river or full service hotel


Tungufljót Lodge

It is a self-catering lodge overlooking the river and consists of two cabins connected by a large veranda, two twin/double rooms in each cabin. Fully equipped kitchen, Gas BBQ, shed for wader storage


Hrífunes Guesthouse

Is a full-service guesthouse located a few minutes from the river for those that prefer fully catered accommodations



Photos from Tungufljót lodge

Photos from Hrífunes Guesthouse