Úlfljótsvatn - Efri Brú - Beat 5

Efri-Brú beat 5 is located in Lake Úlfljótsvatn, Lake Thingvallavatn drains into Úlfljótsvatn via the Efra-Sog river.

The beat is a part of Fish Partners Lake Thingvallavatn fishing area.

The beat is known as a top-class Arctic Char fishery with a high average size of Char as well as a good amount of Brown Trout caught each year. Multiple good fishing spots are on the beat with the best being the area between Flatey island and Kvíunes (marked 5-8 on the map). A heavy current runs through the deep channel there and it needs to be fished deep either with nymphs and long leader or weighted streamers to get down to the fish. Fishing the channel upstream with a strike indicator can be very effective. 5 rods are allowed on the beat at a time.

Arctic Char Spawning at Efri-Brú beat 5 in Úlfljótsvatn.


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The Efri Brú beat (Fish Partner beat 5) is in the south of Lake Ulfljotsvatn. It is best accessed from road no. 36, coming from Reykjavík, either by taking road no. 1 northbound and turn right onto road no. 36 or to take road no. 1 eastbound and turn left onto road no. 35 and from there onto road no. 36. Below you can find a map of the beat where the main fishing spots are marked with numbers


Fishing rules (please read carefully):

 1) Fishing hours are limited to 12 hrs. per day, in the period from 6 am-midnight.

 2) Please do not leave any cigarettes, flies, tippet material or other trash at the beat. 

3) If you notice any unauthorized persons fishing the beats, please notify the supervisors.

 4) Book all the fish you catch in the logbook located at the beat.

5) Life vests should be located where the logbook is. Please, were one for your own safety.

5) Please be respectful of the summerhouse owners and guests. It is a privilege for us fishermen to be able to fish such a great beat as Efri Brú. For that to continue, fishermen and summerhouse owners must live in harmony. 




Distance from Reykjavík: 40 km
Fishing season: 1 May - 30 Sept
Number of rods: 5
Tackle: #6-8
Best flies: Streamers and nymphs
Access: Easy
Accommodation: Efri Brú Fishing Lodge

Photos from Úlfljótsvatn, Efri-Brú beat 5