A Hidden Gem

Despite being small, Lake Villingavatn is the home to some very large brown trout. It has been kept under the radar for years and has only been fished by selected few. From the lake a small stream runs into Lake Thingvallavatn, connecting the two lakes and allowing the Thingvallavatn trout to enter the lake. The lake has four-rod limitation. The lake is split into two beats, beat D-1 on the west bank and beat D-2 on the east bank. Each beat is fished with two rods. The lake is fly-fishing only, and catch and release.

The beat is accessed from road no. 360 through the farm Villingarvatn. The shortest way from Reykjavík is to take road no. 1 (eastbound), turn left onto road no. 435 and turn right onto road no. 360. An alternative route is road no. 1 (eastbound), turn left onto road no. 35, again left onto road no. 36 and finally left onto road no. 360.

Distance from Reykjavík: 44 km
Fishing season: 1 April - 30 September
Average size: 8 pounds
Number of rods: 4
Tackle: #6-8
Best flies: Streamers
Access: Easy
Accommodation: Several options

Photos from Villingavatn