Barbless hooks and rubber nets

For the 2020 season some new regulations will apply for the Highlands and Villingavatn fisheries.
Most important of the changes to the regulations are the following:

Barbless (or crushed barb) hooks are now mandatory. Usage of barbed hooks will no longer be permitted in Kaldakvísl, Tungnaá or Villingavatn.

Mandatory nets, with a strong suggestion of using rubber nets in the Highlands and Villingavatn fisheries.
Most fishermen already carry nets and net all there fish but the occasional angler still insists on beaching there fish which in a full catch and release fishery is not advisable and starting in the 2020 season will no longer be permitted under the new regulations.

Kaldakvísl, Tungnaá and Villingavatn are already full catch and release fisheries but we believe with these new regulations we will improve them even further as world class trout and char fisheries.

As before Fish Partner can furnish all your fly needs to meet these regulations as well as provide nets from our rental gear selection.

In addition we would like to remind all anglers that all fishing equipment brought to Iceland needs to be disinfected before entering the country.
This can be done either in customs once in Iceland or at a veterinary clinic before departing for your trip. This is done to proctect Iceland´s amazing Salmon, trout and Char as well as other wildlife from invasive species and parasites. Information on the sterilization process can be found here